Safritalk’s Cloud PBX is backed by a powerful Class 5 Soft switch hosted in a secure data centre. 

The functionality of the Cloud PBX is designed for resellers and boasts many features like IVR, call recording, voice mail and ring groups.


Highly Flexible

Make changes to call flows simplified

User friendly

Easy to configure, drag and drop to create your customized PBX


Reseller model available

Scalable Pricing Structure

Pricing structures to suit your companies needs

Best-in-class support

Our team is there to help you

Call Recording (Optional)

Never miss the details

No Contracts

No minimum commitments, priced month-to-month


VoIP Standards for Voice over Internet Protocol. The technology allows users to make voice call over the Internet. Voice is converted from an analog signal to a digital signal and is then transmitted across the Internet as normal data. Codec converts the audio signal into a compressed digital form for transmission over the Internet.

Want to know the Return on Investment you get from switching to Cloud?

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