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Gain certifications to maximize the ROI of your Genesys technology investment and expand the knowledge base of administrative, development, and management users of Genesys Cloud.

 Reduce the cost of outsourcing Genesys skills

Outsourcing is costly and time consuming. By having your own experts in-house you can get what you want faster.

Get the most out of your Platform

With greater understanding of Genesys you can take your contact centre and customer experiences further than you ever realised possible.

Every Genesys Cloud Learning Subscription includes:

 Access to all new and existing Genesys Cloud training courses

  All vouchers required to test for Genesys Certified Associate (GCA) and Genesys Certified Professional (GCP) certifications

  Admission to education sponsored events

  Access to the course e-book library

The following courses are currently included as part of the Genesys Cloud Learning Subscription
Course Description Duration
Advanced Architect The Advanced Architect course trains users in building basic and advanced call flows. Topics include user prompt recording and uploading; fall flow design; creating inbound and outbound call flows; secure call flows; and IVR use of data actions. 2 Days
Contact Center Administration The Contact Center Administration course trains a user for daily administration of a Genesys Cloud organization and contact center. Topics include Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and queue configuration; basic Architect routing; basic scripting; essentials of outbound dialing; and introductions to analytics, reports, quality management, and workforce management. 2 days
Implementation The implementation course trains a user to deploy and perform basic configuration of Genesys Cloud Collaborate and Communicate for an organization. It includes topics such as adding people to the organization; assigning roles and permissions; Bridge installation and configuration; groups; locations; Edge and telephony configuration; basic auto-attendant; and other configuration needed to establish business enterprise functionality. 2 days
Outbound Dialing The Outbound Dialing course trains users in the functionality of dialer campaigns and dialer 2 days
Reporting and analytics Reporting and Analytics The Reporting and Analytics course trains a user to view statistics over a defined period showing the effectiveness of your contact center operations. This course shows contact center
staff how to generate agent reports, call reports, and queue reports.
1 day
Scripting The Scripting course trains users on creating instructions, called scripts, that display editable records and directions to help agents that handle a particular type of interaction. Scripting includes presenting agents with fields for collecting or updating caller information. 1 day
Workforce Management The Workforce Management course trains users in how to maintain the workforce
management system, which includes workplans, forecasting, scheduling, handling time off
requests, monitoring, and managing the workforce.
3 days

These courses are coming soon and will be added to your subscription at no cost.
Course Description Duration
API The API class teaches developers a basic understanding of the platform’s REST-based APIs, available SDKs, and how to best use the API to interface with various features of Genesys Cloud. 1 day
Integrations The Integrations class trains users in configuration and usage of the main Genesys Cloud Data
Action integrations, and provides an overview of the other third-party integrations available for
Genesys Cloud
1 day
Quality Management The Quality Management course trains users in processing recordings and score contact center interactions to improve customer experience. It covers identifying performers for positive feedback and identifying agents who need more training or coaching. 1 day

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