Increase your conversion 4x and reduce your acquisition cost by 60%


Get visibility on customers’ and prospects’ journeys


Analyze their activity and decide when to interact


Offer various interaction and communication channel


Be prepared for omnichannel engagement and respect their channel of choice

Powered by Genesys AI

Genesys Predictive Engagement delivers Smarter engagements, better outcomes

Improvements in:

 Conversion rates

 Number of qualified sales leads

 Cross-sell & upsell opportunities

 Lead-routing effectiveness

3-4X more conversions
25% increase in sales utilization

Reduction in:

 Cost per lead

 Cost of sales

 Shopping cart abandonment

 Length of lead conversion/sales cycle

30% reduction in abandons

Use Cases

Increase online conversions/lead generation

 Use machine learning to predict the likelihood of prospect abandoning cart/form and engage to influence their decision

 Segment visitors showing interest in high value products/services and engage to accelerate sale cycle

 Segment visitors coming from marketing campaigns and engage to increase their digital experience and conversion rate


Increase agent productivity & customer experience

 Make your agents smarter by providing the customer context to them so they can service the customer more effectively


Increase self-service

 Engaging with customers spending to much time in help centre FAQ and shape their journey with content offers and bots


Redirect customers from inefficient channels to chat/bot

 Use machine learning to predict the likelihood of customers opening a troubleshooting ticketing or calling and offer a chat/bot as an effective alternative

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