SafriCloud is a Genesys Gold Partner who is a global leader of cloud services for customer collaboration, communication and engagement. With Genesys, we are able to help businesses, across various vertical markets, improve service, increase productivity, enhance customer experience while continuously reducing costs.

FileFlex is a highly secure hybrid point-to-point, software-only service that allows organizations to remotely access, share, stream, manage and collaborate 100% of their data from source locations without using the cloud. FileFlex is a product of Qnext Corp., based in Toronto, Canada and available globally.

SafriCloud is a FileFlex Elite Partner for Africa with its own platform presence in South Africa that is scalable at Enterprise and Geographic level.


Edu-Power Skill Academy, enable youth development and business transformation through Learnership Programmes. These are Nationally Recognised Qualifications to increase skill development and job creation.

With Edu-Power, SafriCloud is able to Recruit learners into the organisation and train them on (SETA)integrated learning programmes empowering them with practical knowledge of becoming successful call agents. SafriCloud together with our customers’ requirements will then place the agents on customer premises as knowledgeable agents.