Predictive Engagement

Know what your customers want before they do. What if your site could predict when a potential customer needs a little extra assistance to close a sale?

Increase your conversion 4x and reduce your acquisition cost by 60%

1. Capture

Get visibility on customers’ and prospects’ journeys.

2. Analyze

Analyze their activity and decide when to interact.

3. Engage

Offer various interaction and communication channel.

4. Convert

Be prepared for omnichannel engagement and respect their channel of choice.

Powered by Genesys AI

Genesys Predictive Engagement delivers Smarter engagements, better outcomes

Improvements in:

3-4X more conversions
25% increase in sales utilization

Reduction in:

30% reduction in abandons

Use Cases

Increase online conversions/lead generation

Increase agent productivity & customer experience

Increase self-service

Redirect customers from inefficient channels to chat/bot

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